Dr. Jeffrey Gall

Medical Director

Dr. Gall is the Medical Director at Mainspring Recovery. Born in Michigan to former Peace Corps Volunteers, Dr. Gall spent most of his childhood overseas in various countries in the Middle East. After returning to the U.S., the family settled in Falls Church, VA. After High School, Dr. Gall joined the Marine Corps Reserve while continuing his education, eventually graduating from George Washington University with a Medical degree in 2001. Dr. Gall specialized in Emergency Medicine, which he practiced for over a decade in a variety of hospital and community settings throughout the country.

After working in the Emergency Department, Dr. Gall took an interest in treating patients with drug and alcohol addiction. “I saw firsthand the myriad consequences of addiction, from complex and life-threatening withdrawal syndromes to the treatment of overdose, to the wide variety of medical complications of long-term drug and alcohol abuse,” says Dr. Gall. He transitioned his full-time practice to Addiction Medicine and became Board Certified in Addiction Medicine in 2019.  Dr. Gall then served as Medical Director of an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Maryland before returning to Virgina to join Mainspring Recovery in 2023.

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