In 2020, more than 19,000 Americans died as a result of an overdose involving cocaine. Many of these deaths involved a cocktail of drugs, including synthetic opioids. While America continues to struggle to escape the grasp of the opioid epidemic, drug use in every category seems to skyrocket. As people hooked on these drugs develop stronger addictions, they often seek the drug where they can get it, including from sources that may cut the drugs with other, more dangerous substances.

If you struggle with cocaine use, getting help from a cocaine addiction rehab program could be lifesaving. Mainspring Recovery is a partner you can trust when you take the steps toward a sober future. We proudly walk beside each of our patients as they build a better tomorrow. It does not matter how dark their paths have been—we know every patient’s future can be bright and fulfilling during recovery. Don’t wait to get help; call 571.621.7007 or contact us online to get started in our Dumfries, Virginia addiction treatment program today.

The Cycle of Addiction

Even without the modern dangers involving synthetic opioids and other dangerous additives, cocaine use is still extremely dangerous. A stimulant that affects the brain and the nervous system, it provides a rush of short-lived euphoria that is popular in the party drug scene. Many people who use cocaine also experiment with or primarily use crack cocaine, a drug cooked down from powdered cocaine into a smokable substance.

No matter how they use it, someone struggling to quit cocaine has already fallen into the cycle of addiction. Addiction often includes:

  • Recreational use – Cocaine is often used in social situations to feel more comfortable, have more fun, or feel more attractive.
  • Daily use – As addiction deepens, cocaine is used daily to help the person feel “normal.”
  • Physical dependence – Cocaine use changes the brain chemistry, making it difficult for a person to feel good without cocaine.
  • Mental dependence – Addiction can become so strong that people feel they cannot live without cocaine or crack cocaine.
  • Withdrawal – Cocaine addiction withdrawal symptoms can be severe, leading a person to use cocaine just to feel “normal” again.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you love is addicted to cocaine, there are a few key signs you can look for, including:

  • Changes in appearance
  • Mood changes
  • Money problems
  • Legal troubles
  • Trouble at work or school
  • Abandoning old hobbies or interests
  • Sudden changes in social groups
  • Seeking cocaine

If you notice any of these signs, cocaine addiction rehab may be the best step to stop the cycle of addiction effectively.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Works

Cocaine addiction rehab works by addressing the root causes of cocaine addiction and teaching patients how to live a life without cocaine. Treatment usually starts with cocaine withdrawal management, which is a process of ridding the body of cocaine and other drugs. This can be difficult, and some cocaine withdrawal symptoms—including anxiety, depression, and fatigue—can be severe.

After cocaine withdrawals subside, patients begin cocaine addiction treatment, which can include:

  • Individual therapy – One-on-one therapy with a licensed therapist helps patients understand the causes of cocaine addiction and how to avoid relapse in the future.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy sessions provide additional support and allow patients to share their stories with others who understand cocaine addiction.
  • Family therapy – Family therapy sessions help heal the damage cocaine addiction has done to relationships and can teach families how to support their loved ones during cocaine recovery.

Cocaine addiction treatment usually takes place in an inpatient or outpatient cocaine rehab program, depending on the severity of cocaine addiction and any underlying mental health conditions.

Finding Addiction Treatment You Can Trust

When you are ready to take the first steps toward lifelong recovery, finding a cocaine addiction rehab program can help. Mainspring Recovery is here to help you every step of the way. Our comprehensive drug withdrawal management and rehab programs provide the structure you need to start recovering.

We are proud to offer high-quality addiction treatment for those who need it. Addiction disproportionately affects people with lower incomes who may rely on Medicare. We accept Medicare and other insurance programs, so the cost of your treatment may be nothing to you.

Build a Better Tomorrow at Mainspring Recovery

No matter how long you’ve struggled with addiction, it’s time to find help. Mainspring Recovery is a cocaine addiction rehab center in Dumfries, Virginia. Our compassionate staff can help you make a plan to get sober and provide the support to help you stay on track. With our help, you can take the first steps on the road to a better tomorrow.

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